At A-Tanks, we’re committed to providing the best possible service and we’re proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients.

A job very well done. Thank you A-Tanks!

A-Tanks provided an outstanding service from initial site survey to completion including linking the sewage tank to the existing drainage and liaison with building control to ensure that the legal documentation was taken care of. Don and his team fitted my sewage tank with out fuss and mess. The standard of care A-Tank team took to ensure the tank installation did not look out of place by matching the existing drive chippings and ensuring the lawn had minimal disturbance demonstrates the high standards this company works to. A pleasure doing business with the A-tanks team. A job very well done. Thank you A-Tanks!

If you have any images of the tank going in at Rose Cottage, I would be very interested.

Many thanks

We would happily recommend Don and A1 tanks to our friends

We were impressed with the care taken during the installation of the tank, my precious rose seems to have survived to live another year despite being right in the way of the outlet pipe not to mention the digger’s manoeuvres! The team were always smiling, polite and professional, even when our neighbour’s dog waded through the freshly laid concrete! Any extra work or changes to the original plans were discussed fully and the best solution was always found, nothing was too much trouble and the site was left clean and tidy. We would happily recommend Don and A1 tanks to our friends.

There’s only one thing that we have discovered since the work was finished that in hind sight we should have done differently. The outlet from the boiler used to drain into the rain water soak away under the drive which I think you will remember you removed after we discussed whether to keep the old soak away or let the rainwater drain directly onto the drive. Unfortunately this now means that the acidic water that comes out of this pipe now pools on the old concrete whenever the heating is on and freezes overnight when the temperature drops. We wished we had left the old soak away in place as it would be a lot safer! Richard is going to re direct the outlet to make the acidic water run down the new concrete in the same way the rainwater does and hope this helps. We’re not sure what effect this will have on the concrete but at least it won’t go into the new treatment plant and hopefully we won’t be slipping all over the place!

Anyway, I thought you should know in case you have to do something similar elsewhere.

Thanks for all your hard work, especially the new gravel which looks great.

Julie Reynolds
It’s a very professional job you guys have done

When your free next can you spare me some time after work or on the weekend to talk me through what you’ve done. Although I must admit it’s a very professional job you guys have done, with so little mess, in record time and no neighbours complaining, amazing. Penny and I couldn’t be more pleased.

If you need a recommendation we’ll be more than happy to oblige

Thank you very much for doing a brilliant job and leaving everywhere tidier than it was before -if you need a recommendation we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Cath & Charles M
We’ll definitely be recommending you to others

We are really very pleased with the work and the quality and care you have taken throughout the installation. The whole team are very professional, polite, and take great pride in a job well – so thank you Don. We’ll definitely be recommending you to others.

We were impressed by A Tanks

We were impressed by A Tanks, who showed themselves to be experienced, conscientious, hardworking and attentive to our wishes as their customer. We were particularly pleased by the promptness with which they responded to emails, and their courtesy and friendliness on site.”

Stephen Lander