A Treatment Plant is a tank designed to give a high level of effluent treatment. The unit has 3 stages.

The first stage is the Primary Settlement Tank. This is where the heavier solids sink to the bottom of the unit and the lighter debris form a ‘scum’ on the surface. The settled liquor that is contained between the solids and the ‘scum’ passes through to the next stage of treatment.

The second stage is the biological treatment stage. This is where the bacteria that is developed within the filter bed media, digest the settled sewage. The second stage contains a media that provides a ‘home’ for the naturally occurring bacteria that needs oxygen (supplied via compressor/pump etc.). As the bacteria dies off, it falls away from the media and passes through to the final stage.

The final stage is the Final Settlement Tank. This part of the treatment process is designed to settle out the effluent further. The fully treatment effluent is then discharged. All treatment plants must be manufactured to the latest standard BS EN12566/3.

A-Tanks will only supply and install tanks to this standard.

Treatment plants that we install that meet these standards are Tricel/ Matrix/ Synergy Optima.

There are many others that meet these standards

What sizes can we supply?

A-Tanks can supply Treatment Plants ranging from a 6 population plant to 100 population plant.

Larger units are available on request.